Sally Coulthard

Floriography: The Myths, Magic and Language of Flowers – by Sally Coulthard


For thousands of years, humans have used flowers as a language, a short-hand for emotions and meanings. Ancient myths and legends are bursting with flowers and their symbolic meaning.

In her new book, Sally Coulthard, takes a fascinating look at floriography and shows how we still use this secret language, across the world, even today. She delves into the meanings of flowers and where they came from, whether it's ancient mythology or hedgerow folklore. She finds that many flowers get their meanings from subtle references to their medicinal or deadly properties, while others are linked to ancient rites or religious texts. Some flowers even get their meanings from sympathetic magic or their resemblance to human body parts or other common objects.

Covering 50 well-loved flowers and plants, Floriography is a beautifully illustrated book takes the reader on an intriguing journey across the world through the history, legend, anthropology and literature of flowers.

144 pages; 85.65 x 0.85 x 7.55"

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