Yoshihiro Shiroko

Kujira Whale Knife – Sperm Whale


Kujira "whale" knives are hand forged, multi-purpose utility knives with a high carbon white steel inner core, and a "kurouchi" black-forged finish and handle.  Perfect for camping, small cutting tasks, whittling small objects & sharpening pencils.

Care Note:
Carbon steel knives are not stainless, and not rust proof. Do not immerse in water or leave wet. Wipe dry, apply light oil occasionally. 

6.25" long, 2" long blade

Utilizing more than seven hundred year-old Tosa knife-making techniques, Yoshihiro Cutlery has specialized in handcrafted premium Japanese kitchen knives for over 100 years in Kochi, Japan, an area known for its whale-watching.

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