Owen Davey

Passionate about Penguins – by Owen Davey


Did you know that penguins can hold their breath for over half an hour? Or that they can swim four times faster than an Olympic swimmer? And they don’t just live in icy Antarctica! You can find them on sandy beaches in South Africa and other more tropical locations too.

Take a plunge into this fascinating illustrated guide to our feathered friends, the penguins. From the tiny fairy penguin that is no bigger than a ruler, to the emperor penguin that is over a meter tall, find out where they live, what they eat and how we can protect them.

Those familar with National Geographic Kids books and the other Owen Davey books in the series including Bonkers About Beetles and Fanatical About Frogs will enjoy our newest fact-filled animal encyclopedia on pop culture's favorite bird, and our favorite winter animal!

Hardcover, for ages 5 - 9 years. 40 pages.

9.25" x 11.25"

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