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This Place – Alternate Currents Working Group Reader '22


Throughout the year, @ktbtn @caitlin.cass @sedra.d.mente @queerkeroats @xelajacobsen @district2floral #davidmuñoz @nathanielruleaux @lee.running and @joellewellansa contributed to the Alternate Currents blog, co-organized panel discussions, and gathered often to explore the idea of "place."

During monthly site visits, organized and led by individual group members, to rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods, urban farms, and garage galleries, they were curious, critical, and collaborative.

Together, they produced creative research that questions the dominant systems which shape our perception of place--this place. Collectively, their work becomes an expansive meditation on what it means to belong.

Amplify anthologized their projects in a publication titled 'This Place' available for order now.

All proceeds go to Amplify Arts

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