Andrea Karnes

Women Painting Women – by Andrea Karnes


A thematic exploration of nearly 50 female artists who choose women as subject matter in their works, Women Painting Women includes nearly 50 portraits that span the 1960s to the present. International in scope, the book recognizes female perspectives that have been underrepresented in the history of postwar figuration.

Painting is the focus, as traditionally it has been a privileged medium for portraiture, particularly for white male artists. The artists here use painting and women as subject matter and as vehicles for change. They range from early trailblazers such as Emma Amos and Alice Neel to emerging artists such as Jordan Casteel, Somaya Critchlow and Apolonia Sokol. All place women―their bodies, gestures and individuality―at the forefront.

Artists include: Louise Bonnet, Jordan Casteel, Nicole Eisenman, Eunice Golden, Alice Neel, Elizabeth Peyton, Faith Ringgold, Susan Rothenberg, Jenny Saville, Amy Sherald, Lorna Simpson, Arpita Singh, and many more.

172 pages; 8.25 x 0.75 x 10.75"

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