Hasami Porcelain

Japanese Glass Tumbler, Gray – 13oz


Hasami Porcelain collaborated with the well-known Toyo Sasaki Glass co to create beautifully simple and lovely glassware.

The glasses have the same width and ideology as the stackable Hasami Porcelain Mug Cups, combined with the glass-making technology from Toyo Sasaki Glass. With a durable build, stackable design, and versatile shape perfect for water, juice or cocktails.

3.34'' x 3.5''; 12 oz / 350 ml

Toyo-Sasaki has been one of Japan's top glassware manufacturers since 1888.

Handmade in the Hasami ceramic district in Nagasaki Prefecture – Japan's leading traditional Japanese porcelain region for over 400 years. View all complementary Hasami Porcelain pieces. 

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