Rebecca Grasley

Pie is Messy: Recipes from The Pie Hole by Rebecca Grasley

Learn how to make 100 perfectly imperfect pies with time-honored techniques to maximize taste from the founder of Los Angeles’ beloved Pie Hole bakery.

Pie Is Messy, Rebecca Grasley shares how she chased her dream of opening a California pie shop after retiring from a lifetime of nursing and factory work on the East Coast. Trading in the gingham curtains and cozy vibes of rural Pennsylvania for the industrial, tattoo-splattered Los Angeles Arts District, she set up shop with her son and his restaurant friend, marrying the traditional pies Becky learned to make from her grandmother with funky, irreverent flavors inspired by the new generation. In 2011, The Pie Hole was born—and it was a hit.

Through 100 recipes,
Pie is Messy takes readers from the basics of making crust to preparing contemporary hits from The Pie Hole.Each chapter covers a different category of pie and is broken down into two sections: Old School Pies and New School Pies. The structure of each chapter allows you to learn the basics through classic recipes, and then see how they can be adapted and updated with more contemporary flavors and techniques.

Pie Is Messy is beginner friendly, warm, and non-intimidating, and creative enough for more advanced bakers. So roll up your sleeves, grab your pie tins, and prepare to get messy!

240 pages; 8.25 x 9.3 inches

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