Blazing Star Seed Cooperative

Groundwater – Farmer's Almanac & Seed Catalog – 2nd edition


Farmer's Almanac & Seed Catalog from Blazing Star Seed Cooperative in Omaha.

Groundwater, farmers almanac and seed catalog is a local publication that hosts a multitude of personal stories, cooperative pursuits, growing info & more. It also holds the blazing star seed cooperative's seed catalog which will show you what seeds you can find and use from the BSSC seed bank here in town. We hope Groundwater can be a source of connectivity for us all who find ourselves in this place.

BSSC is a collection of urban farmers, home gardeners, and community organizations who work together to grow, save, and share locally produced seed. The co-op emphasizes these aspects by providing education and infrastructure to support a robust seed saving culture in Omaha.

To learn more, get involved or submit a piece to the next edition of Groundwater, email or follow on Facebook or Instagram.

All Proceeds go to Blazing Star Seed Cooperative

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