Amy Novesky

If You Want to Ride a Horse by Amy Novesky


Carson Ellis' Home meets Carter Higgins' Everything You Need for a Treehouse in this poetic, open-ended testament to the power of imagination, through the prism of horses.

In lovely, lyrical fashion, If You Want to Ride a Horse introduces young readers to the joys of owning, riding, and caring for horses. It only starts with imagination—from there, the possibilities are endless.

Beginning with a daydream, our young rider goes from dreaming about a horse, choosing the ideal kind of horse, meeting the horse, cleaning the horse, tacking up in preparation to ride, soothing their horse through a hard moment, triumphantly getting on, and finally riding gloriously off down the beach.

The book includes an author’s note, an illustrator’s note, and tantalizing fun facts about horses and horseback riding.

A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection 

Hardcover; 40 pages; 8.29 x 0.41 x 10.38 inches

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