Japanese Spa – Aromatic Hinoki Bath Flakes


These bath flakes are taken from fragrant Hinoki Cypress from the Shimanto area of Kochi Prefecture, Japan. Two pouches of hinoki bath flakes are included in each bag. The soothing aroma of Hinoki is immersive as you submerge the pouch in the tub. After use, hang the pouch up to dry, and reuse 2-3 more times.

The pouch can also be hung up in a room or closet to deodorize it, or hose the bag down with water to use it as a humidifier. Mixed with dried Hinoki leaves, flakes come wrapped in 2 fabric pouches.

Package size: 6.1/4”L x 3.3/4”W; 3.5oz

Tosaryu has been crafting Hinoki pieces in the mountains of Kochi, Japan, since 1970.
The woodworkers of Tosaryu have perfected the art of monotsukuri, artisan crafting, by fully utilizing the natural characteristics of Japanese Hinoki cypress wood. Acting as stewards of the local forests and lakes, the woodworkers at Tosaryu use sustainable methods of production to create functional, safe, and earth-friendly pieces.

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