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Midtown Modern Omaha Map


This double-sided map includes over fifty notable examples of mid century modern residential architecture in Omaha. Each house has been thoroughly researched, and, where available, includes details such as the original owner's name, construction date, and the architect responsible for the design.

The list is complemented by a general history of modernism in Omaha and brief biographies of the architects, and is illustrated with historic black-and-white photographs—many captured by the renowned architectural photographer Julius Shulman.

The post-World War II era ushered in a period of unprecedented economic prosperity that drove housing development, challenged architectural tastes, and profoundly altered the built environment in Omaha.

As the city sprawled westward beyond the traditional streetcar suburbs, notable architects like Donald Polsky, Neil Astle, Alex Weinstein, and Stanley How introduced a new, modern design ethos into the suburban housing scattered throughout what is now the geographical center of Omaha.

Double-sided; 16.5" x 24" flat, 6" x 8.25" folded
80# Cougar Text; Secured with band

Created by Jesse Harding of Harding Design in Omaha.

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