Veronica Fil

Plant-based USA: A Travel Guide to Eating Animal-free in America by Veronica Fil

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Plant-based Eats USA: A Travel Guide to Eating Animal-free in America is a food guidebook for anyone looking for plant-forward or vegan-friendly travel experiences throughout the United States.

This guidebook and directory highlights novel, innovative and climate-conscious dining options, and is ideal for anyone who's interested in incorporating more plant-based meals into their lifestyle.

The book is organized into chapters by city and covers everything from restaurants, cafes, markets and festivals to shopping and accommodation. Plant-based USA also features personal stories, recipes and travel tips from leading chefs and public figures on the American plant-based scene.

From the west to east coasts, Los Angeles to Chicago and New York, finally there's an accessible and comprehensive travel guide that aligns with the future of food.

304 pages; 6.75 x 1.9 x 9.05

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